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    For almost one hundred years the world has been united in universal abhorrence at the use of chemical weapons.  They are banned under international law.  The flagrant use of such weapons by the Syrian government – most recently in Douma – is a direct challenge to this commitment.  The international community didn’t respond on the numerous previous occasions when it was proven that Government grade chemical weapons had been used. 

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  • Windrush


    The Windrush Generation were invited here as citizens to rebuild our country in the post-War period, and have lived and worked here for decades, paying their taxes and contributing hugely to our country. Yet they and their children are now being treated, by this Government, as “illegal aliens”.

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  • Brexit: People's Vote


    The Government are now negotiating with the EU on the post-Brexit relationship. These negotiations are of paramount importance and I believe the public should have their say.

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  • SGN Gas replacement works - The Grange


    Scottish Gas Network will soon be replacing existing metal gas mains with modern plastic pipe in the Grange. If left undisturbed,  the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years, meaning that once the work is complete, local residents will be able to enjoy a continued safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come. However these works will inevitably cause some disruption.

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  • Edinburgh South Post Offices


    Whilst I am delighted Moredun Post Office has finally reopened, there are still serious concerns over the future of branches at the Inch and Buckstone.

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