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    Bank branch to close

    I received the following message from the RBS about the closure of their branch in Fairmilehead.

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  • Welfare and Work Bill

    I promised to put together a piece to explain the Welfare and Work Bill last night. 

    It is important to say at the outset that all 208 Labour MPs voted "to decline to give the Bill a Second Reading" with our amendment. 

    The amendment concluded, '...declines to give a Second Reading to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill because the Bill will prevent the Government from continuing to pursue an ambition to reduce child poverty in both absolute and relative terms, it effectively repeals the Child Poverty Act 2010 which provides important measures and accountability of government policy in relation to child poverty, and it includes a proposal for the work-related activity component of employment and support allowance which is an unfair approach to people who are sick and disabled.’

    It is also important to state that the Bill would always have passed despite the inaccuracies being portrayed by others.

    The strange thing is that we all agree, across the non-Government parties, that these provisions are wrong.  We have just dealt with them differently.  We chose to table dozens of amendments as our amendment fell to fight the things we all agree on to be wrong at the Committee Stage.  Other chose to vote against it in it's entirety.  There is no right or wrong way to do this when the Government has an absolute majority.

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  • Vancancy at my constituency office

    I'm hiring for a Constituency Support Officer.

    All details on how to apply are here.

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  • Scottish Questions - Budget Consequences

    On Wednesday we had another session of Scottish Questions.

    As the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland I get three questions and used 2 of them to press the Government on the Scotland Bill and the consequences of the budget on Scotland.

    You can see the questions here:


    I also asked about why the Government will not agree with the Church of Scotland and do a full inquiry into the way the sanctions regime operates in Scotland:

    Video for sanctions regime question:





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  • Housebreaking fears increase

    A large number of residents from across South Edinburgh have been getting in touch with me about their growing concerns with housebreaking.

    I have been pursuing these concerns with Police Scotland.

    I wrote a piece in todays Edinburgh Evening News highlighting these concerns and those of the police officers themselves.

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