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    JUST PUBLISHED - my eMagazine for Autumn 2015

    JUST PUBLISHED - my packed eMagazine for Autumn 2015.

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  • House of Lords Tax Credits Victory

    The House of Lords dealt a blow to the Chancellors flagship tax credit cuts policy a couple of weeks ago.

    Much has been written about this but it is important to lay out exactly what happened and the significance of it.

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  • Scottish Questions November 2015

    I asked the Secretary of State if he would release the detail of the negotiations on the financial deal that sits alongside the devolution of powers in the Scotland Bill.  


    This "fiscal framework" is being negotiated in secret so there is no way of anyone knowing if the deal is good, bad or indifferent to Scotland. This allows the Scottish Government to cry foul on something nobody has seen but them and the UK Government.  We need this to be transparent in the spirit of open and honest Government.


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  • Christian Aid Energy

    Christian Aid's Big Shift Coal Campaign

    With momentum towards a low-carbon economy growing around the world, the campaign urges the UK Government to publish a concrete plan to phase out coal power without carbon capture technology from the UK power sector by 2023.


    Coal has helped power the industrial revolution and propelled Britain to become one of the richest countries in the world, but it’s time for coal to be a part of our history and not our future.

    Coal is one of the most polluting fossil fuels and the Prime Minister has already promised to phase it out of our energy system. What we now need is a firm date, no later than 2023.

    Now is the right time to show global leadership on this issue ahead of the Paris climate summit in December. The future is not polluting fossil fuels, it’s a modern, low carbon energy system. 

    Not only is this the right move for Britain, it’s also the right move for the many developing countries which are affected by climate change. Britain has a proud history of helping the world’s poor and taking a responsible approach to our atmosphere should be a part of that.

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  • Planning Update - November 2015

    There has been a significant number of planning issues recently and here is a brief update on the major applications.

    I have said for some time that the planning system needs reformed to enable it to be more responsive to the needs of local people and developers.  At the moment there seems to be a bit of a free for all and that can't be beneficial for local services and communities.

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