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    South Edinburgh Employability Fair

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  • Speech - A new generation that will change the party so we can change the country

    At the end of July, I made my first major speech as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland here in our constituency at Morningside Parish Church.

    I argued that the way people engage with politics has changed, but the way the Scottish Labour Party has worked hasn’t kept pace and that as former Labour leader John Smith said, we have to once again earn the opportunity to serve the people of Scotland and the UK. I also reflected on my own re-election here in Edinburgh South and the lessons that can be learned.

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  • Royal Edinburgh Hospital visit with SAMH

    One in four people in Scotland experiences a mental health problem each year – that’s well over a million people. That's why charities like SAMH are so important. SAMH is both a campaigning charity and a service provider, providing community based services for people across Scotland with mental health problems.

     Gr8 music show whilst discussing mental health with Nina at The Hive at Royal Ed hospital. Run by fab @SAMHtweets pic.twitter.com/4eNFMh8hW7

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  • Mencap reception for Learning Disability Week

    Last month, I attended a Royal Mencap Society reception in the House of Commons to celebrate Learning Disability Week.

    At the reception I spoke to people with a learning disability, their carers and family members to talk about their personal experiences, the challenges they face and the changes they want to see in society. There were speeches from people with a learning disability and their families as well as Mencap President Brian Rix.

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  • Senseless damage

    In July, my office team and I went along to the Hermitage Garden, a horticulture project for autistic young people and adults, based at the Hermitage Golf Course, Braid Hills Drive and run by Autism Initiatives, after it was vandalised for a second time in a month.


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