Ian gets flipping for pancake day


Ian battled it out as part of the MPs team at the annual Rehab UK Parliamentary Pancake  Race.

The race is run each year to raise awareness for the brain injury charity Rehab UK, which aims to help people with disabilities to return to education and sustained employment.

Ian said: “We are here today to raise awareness of the charity Rehab. It’s great fun and beats the normal awareness things we do. Also people love any opportunity to see members of parliament and the press making fools of themselves.”

Members of the House of Lords clinched a victory, beating the MPs and journalists to claim the title, though not without employing some dirty tactics as the last runners limped in.

Across England and Scotland, Rehab works with thousands of people with disabilities, older persons and others with brain injuries, spinal injuries and mental health difficulties, in enabling them achieve independence and remain active citizens in their communities. It supports people in rebuilding their lives following an accident or illness through care and supported living, while for others the aim is to gain employment through its social enterprise and community rehabilitation programmes.

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