Update: Morningside Post Office


Following local speculation that Morningside Crown Post Office staff have been given notice that the Post Office was to shut, I thought it would be useful to update people on the situation.

I have now spoken to Post Office directly and can confirm that this is not the case. The Post Office are still in the process of identifying a suitable retail partner and have stated that this process can be very lengthy. Once a retailer has been identified they will move onto the consultation phase which will be an opportunity for everyone to raise specific concerns and questions with the Post Office. As I understand it the consultation phase will be 6 weeks long and there will be a public meeting. The consultation will be our opportunity to reiterate the mass local opposition to the franchising.

I will, of course, be updating residents when there is any news.

P.S. over 5,000 people have now signed my petition to oppose the franchising!